cruiser craze

Beach cruisers are built different from other bikes. They allow you to cruise along boardwalks and paths with ease while you enjoy the scenery around you. 

About Cruiser Bikes

Comfortable Riding

Other bikes like 10-speeds and racing bikes cause your upper body to slump over in a diagonal or even horizontal position in order to reach the handle bars. But cruiser bikes are best known for their comfortable upright riding position and unique frame designs.


Another great thing about cruiser bikes is they come in different sizes for men, women, and children. Also, you'll have a variety of color options to choose from. You can select a neutral color or you can go radical with a bright neon color.

Accessorizing It

There is a growing list of available accessories you can add to your new beach cruiser including colorful fenders, fancy pedals, overstuffed bike seats, bike racks for cars, child carrier seats, bike covers, bells, a variety of baskets, and so much more.

Where's Your Cruiser

Owning a beach cruiser is a great excuse to spend more time outdoors. To find yours, shop online today or stop by your local bike shop for a test ride. You'll discover how unique beach cruisers are and wonder what took you so long to get one in the first place.